Thursday, June 2, 2016

YOU could be on the cover of your favorite classic book!

Have you ever wanted to own a book with yourself (or a loved one) on the cover? Now, through Rivershore Book's new service, you can choose from a variety of public domain classics and send in a photo for Jansina to format into your UNIQUE cover!

How awesome is that?

Okay, I'm a little biased about this because it's based on an idea my dad came up with awhile ago. I realized that I wasn't ever going to be interested in offering the service myself, but that Jansina would be the perfect fit to execute the idea! (And the better Jansina's publishing business does, the more time she has to come and be my writing buddy, so it works out well for me too). 

Anyhow, I'm still deciding which classics to do a proper photoshoot for, but in the meantime you can see one of my previous photoshoot photos on the cover of Pride and Prejudice!

I think this would be a great gift to give any lover of the classics, but particularly anyone who has recently participated in a theatrical production of a classic or written a dissertation on a classic or has a collection of historical costumes that they love to put to good use. 

Many theater groups purchase commemorative t-shirts for a production, but I can't help but think that a copy of the book for everyone with a cast photo on it would be a cool memento as well. Jansina's pricing is pretty comparable to the t-shirts - $25 for the first book, and then $10 for any copy with that same cover after that.

Order Here.


AnneMarie said...

This is such a neat idea-your dad is clever! The price is really reasonable, too. Your P&P cover looks great, and I really love that dress which you are wearing :)

Elora Shore said...

Now THERE'S an idea...bwahahaha....