Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Thoenes write about Writing

Bodie Thoene put up a cool blog post today about her love of living and writing in London. I thought it was quite inspirational and interesting so I'm reposting the link here.

FYI: Bodie Thoene is one of the better Christain authors out there these days.

EDIT: Here is blog post #2 on the subject, which includes the information that the Thoene's book "Only the River Runs Free" is currently entering into production to become a film! This is incredibly exciting news, as any one of their books would make an amazing movie! Bodie and Brock started out working as scriptwriters for John Wayne, thus their books have always had a dramatic flow and visual feel that would translate well to film. I'm extremely excited to see that some filmmakers have finally realized this! (Or, I should say, that God has decided the time is right for these amazing stories to come to the big screen!)

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