Monday, February 2, 2009

iPod - a Nanny's Secret Weapon

I have found my little iPod mini to be an invaluable aid in nannying. And I am posting this so that nannies everywhere may be encouraged to use their iPods as a working tool.

Some rules I've implimented first: My youngest charge is a 3-year-old and is only allowed to listen to it while sitting on my lap. The other children must be in the same room as myself when listening it, and they are never allowed to take it out without my permission.

Here are some situations in which letting one of your nanny charges listen to your iPod might be a good idea.

Situation #1 - as a reward for the hardworking child who has accomplished the task set before them.

Situation #2 - as a background noise for the child doing schoolwork while the other children are making enough noise to rouse the dead.

Situation #3 - as a game, for the children who are familiar with the songs on the iPod. You can make them guess the song, and they can make you guess the song. And iPods are so handy because they show you the exact second you guessed the song at... (my record is 2 or 3 seconds.)

And I'm still observing what other situations might call for the trustworthy musicplayer...

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