Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How we depend on Technology!

A few months ago I wrote a post on our dependance on cell phones, after mine went missing. I brushed that off as not being extremely necessary because I was able to survive fairly well without it.


The reason I could survive without it was because I do most of my communication over the internet. Thus when my computer power cord died on Monday, I pretty much freaked. Not because I'm obsessed with my computer for being a computer, but because a lot of what I do does take place on it.

My laptop is where I write my novel (which is WORK! ahem), where I do my graphic design (one of my other main art forms right now), where I talk to my friends (since I can't really on the phone), where I manage a forum for my favorite author, and where I watch my movies (I should do another post on what movies mean to me...cuz they're more than just ordinary entertainment), and of course how I write on this blog. All in all, I spend a significant ammount of time on the computer.

Why, you ask, couldn't I spend 24 hours on the family computer? Pretty simple. A) That computer is almost constantly in use, so doing extended projects like writing or graphic art is almost out of the question and B) we have a pretty intense blocker on our internet there, that also happens to be rather stupid since it blocks 2/3rds of the sites I normally visit, including this blog!

However, praise God, I had money in the bank and a father with time enough to accompany me to the store to help me pick out a new laptop less than 24 hours after my old cord broke.

(No, I wanted more than a new cord, because my old laptop was failing in a lot of ways. I was due for a new laptop soon anyhow. I'll stil have to find a used cord somewhere to get files off my old laptop, but that might take a bit of time.)

So! I'm typing this note on a beautiful new laptop right now. I can't believe how much everything has progressed in the three years since I last bought a computer! Amazing. Speed, space, everything has multiplied many times over. It's lovely.

Plus, this new laptop is slightly...shiny. :)

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Elle said...

Yea i spend alot of time on the computer whether its doing online courses or checking up with my friends i also tottaly freaked when my favorite family computer died.
Hopefully the new one gets here soon!
shiny computers rock!