Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Academy Awards 2009

Though I know the statistics say watching the Oscar Ceremony is becoming less and less popular, I still enjoy settling down for an evening of watching my favorite (and not so favorite) movie stars in a more natural setting than that of a movie screen. It's also a good way for a film lover/beginning critic to keep up to date on what movies came out this year. I may not see all of them, but from a historical perspective I feel it's important to know.

So what did I think of this year's Oscar ceremony?

Well, first off, I thought the opening song and dance number by Hugh Jackman was phenomenal. One of the best numbers I've seen - and some of the past years have had some pretty cool stuff. It was also awesome to see Anne Hathaway sing! Why has that woman not been in a musical yet?!?!?

The other song and dance number was a bit more inappropriete so I enjoyed it less. And other than that there wasn't anything super amazing show wise.

But of course it was great to see the presenters. I love just watching actors as themselves, not as these characters in a movie. It's fun! Of course, we're aware of their movies so when Robert Pattinson introduced the montage of 2008 Romantic clips by saying that he had to become a vampire to find love - well that was just hilarious. :)

While the political undertones surrounding "Milk" were fustrating, the end total of awards was ultimately satisfying, thanks to the many wins of "Slumdog Millionare." It was a bit annoying to see some other films passed over, but I finally realized that I approved of "Slumdog's" wins A) because it was an independant film and B) because it was made in India. Oh, and C) because it actually sounds like a fairly decent film. Not something you would expect to win Best Picture + 7 other awards. Though it's rated R, it's defintely a film I plan to check out.

I'd send up a huge CHEER for Wall-E, except it was such a sure winner. Now if it had picked up an award in another catagory, that would have been cool. IMHO, Wall-E is the most beautiful and artistic Pixar film yet. Ha, that probably needs it's own post.

And, as usual, I love watching the montages they put together. Romance, Action, Comedy...all fun stuff.

However, despite all this, I was rather emotionally unattached this year. Watching Heath Ledger's parents and sister accept his award was moving, of course, although since the only thing I ever saw him in was "A Knight's Tale" I'm not sure why. Probably because when so many people of a profession pay their respects to a deceased member, you have to be touched by it. But other than that...

Other than that! Wow, appart from the opening show, the highlight of the night was "Best Actress." Stellar line-up this year. I was delighted to see Anne Hathaway nominated, because ever since seeing her in "Becoming Jane" I knew she was a much better actress than I had previously given her credit for. But of course I just about cried when Kate Winslet got the award. She's been nominated five times previously and though I don't approve of her role in "The Reader", I think she's a phenomenal actress and was thrilled to see her get the little gold man at last.

So that's my take on the Oscars. And yes, unless something changes dramatically, I do plan to watch them again next year.

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Carpe Guitarrem said...

Ah, yes, I'd forgotten to check up on these. Ledger's Oscar is impressive, and it's cool that they had the posthumous acceptance. Quite unfortunate that Dark Knight only got one other award, but that's how it goes.