Saturday, September 26, 2009

I&F Teaser!

What can you expect in this month's "Ink and Fairydust?" Well, as a teaser, I'm releasing the list of article titles.

A Reflection on the March for Life ~ By Lady Rose
November is National Novel Writing Month! ~ By Delaney
A Note About Rain ~ By Elenatintil
Lanta says...(rain fun facts) ~ By (who else?) Lantalamiste
Prayer Spotlight on Padre Pio ~ By Maria
Winter of Death (fiction piece) ~ By Lantalamiste
Shea and Bergen (comic) ~ By Nenetta
Dear Fairy Godmother (advice column) ~ By Froggy
Dress up as a Saint for Halloween ~ By Dayandnight
A Cinderella Complex ~ By Gwendolyn Rose
Poetry Contest Winners and Poems!
The Source and Summit of Beauty ~ By Jo March
Photography Contest Winners!
How to Make Elvish Jewelry ~ By Nenetta
Book Review - "Persuasion" ~ By Lady Rafka
Regina Watch! (interview) ~ By Lantalamiste
Review of "The Pirates who don't do Anything" ~ By Lady Kathleen
A Work of Fiction ~ By Lady Blanche Rose
Forum Family Fantasies ~ By Lady Rose
SOTB Production Update ~ By Elenatintil
On the Dangers of Making Assumptions (a humorous lecture) ~ By Lady Rose
Concerning Waterfalls ~ By Lantalamiste
Rose's Reviews (Little Women and The Thirstings) ~ By *~*Rose*~*
From a Kitchen Window ~ By Qiscrazy
Robyn's Recipes ~ By Robyn
Ideas for Halloween or Other Fall Parties ~ By *~*Rose*~*
Concerning Fountains ~ By Lantalamiste
Weather in Film ~ by Qiscrazy
A Look at "The Hobbit" ~ By Gwendolyn Rose
Princesses in Disguise ~ By Naiadgirl

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Hannah said...

Is there some way that I could contribute to it, or no?



Elenatintil said...

Right now we're only accepting submissions from Forum Members. So if you're not a registared member of the Fairy-Tale Novel Forum - please come over and sign up!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, I've tried to join like 2 times and nothing has happened.
Too bad Im a former member of the Fairy Tale Forum.
I miss that.

Elenatintil said...

I suggest trying to log in again. Sometimes it can take over a week for accounts to be approved.

Silmarien said...

Wheee! I can't wait!