Thursday, February 25, 2010

Of sinuses and Adventures

I don't like sinus infections, but I do like urgent care. I don't like being sick, but I do love having sympathetic employeers. I don't like missing out on a shopping expedition with my friends, but taking a long nap and then cracking away some more at my novel sounds strangely appealing.

No, my life does not suck. Yes, I have a sinus infection and it's bad, but it's not as bad as most of the other things I've dealt with this year. And, let's face it - my job is only about eight feet or so from my bed (my door pretty much opens onto the schoolroom here at the Black Cat Inn) so I don't have to have panic attacks about driving twenty miles to work and then being too sick to drive myself home. Thank you God for my many blessings - even if you also gave me stuffy sinuses.

That, my friends, is the reason why I haven't written a lovely post up yet this week. When one's sinuses are clogged, it becomes strangely hard to think. Although I have some rather intelligent and dramatic conversations at our roleplaying game this week... (when one can't be in a play, join a roleplaying game! It's an excellent, low stress and high fun way to work out those dramatic urges!).

I have not, however, been idle. I've been scheming. Scheming and listening to wise advice. And doing a lot of praying. As a young adult every day can seem like a crossroads of life, but right now I find that feeling exceptionally magnified. Which road do I take now - the one less traveled, or the one I did not take before? And what of the forks I can already see ahead on those roads?

One day at a time. One footstep at a time. Life goes on. I've found that God leads me onwards at the right time, even if I do not truly understand why. It's an adventure. Thank goodness I was raised to like adventures.

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