Monday, February 1, 2010


Today I started something new.


I have a friend down in my new place of employment that is fairly good with them, and he is instructing me in proper use. I started out with a foam pair, but almost immediatly switched over to wood. The wood ones are dangerous because they hurt a LOT if they hit you - I have a fairly nasty bruise developing on one of my knuckles - but the balance is SO much better and they swing a lot smoother. Anyhow, I have some basic moves down and I'm looking forwards to learning more soon.

Like tomorrow, maybe.


Carpe Guitarrem said...


Angel_Horses said...

Ohhh, they look COOL! Now I want to learn! Not that I'd have anyone to practice with... *sniffles*

Wendy said...

I used to do nunchucks! they're a lot of fun, but they do really sting if you hit yourself. I once banged myself in the hip. Ouch.