Monday, November 29, 2010

Blame NaNo.

I've been desperately wanting to get another post written and feel incredibly guilty that I've only managed 13 posts for you all this month. However I got sick, we had holidays, and I ran into a rut with my NaNo novel which meant suddenly I had to crank out many more words a day than I was expecting. And I've still got a ton of I&F work to do. Phew.

Meanwhile I still plan to give thoughts on HP7, and maybe I'll even make it to tangled sometime soon! I'm also wading my way through a delightful but insanely long novel about Mary, Queen of Scots. If it turns out to be appropriate I may even do a review on it, it's that good so far.

I'm also thinking of starting to review the TV shows I've seen over the past few years. So there should be plenty to keep me busy once I get through November. Can't wait for Wednesday!

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Liz B said...

These all sound like great upcoming post ideas! I'll be looking forward to them. I love reading your reviews, and get some good ideas for books from this blog!

I understand about busy, but I still appreciate your blog. :)

~Liz B