Friday, November 5, 2010

A Night on the Town

So after about 1400 words of NaNo yesterday, I pushed it aside to go spend a night on the town with some friends.

We picked up one friend at a train station, another two friends at their college, and after parking waaaaay too far away from our restaurant, we tromped through the icy cold streets to meet up with our final friend who had gotten hopelessly lost.

Anyhow, it all worked out. We stopped into a Caribbean restaurant first, but it was steaming hot and the food looked too spicy, so we left that one for the slightly nicer yet also cheaper Chinese restaurant next door. We were all pretty glad we did, as the food was excellent, the atmosphere was calm and relaxed, and we had amazingly nice servers. I think the restaurant was owned by one family or something, because there was a matronly figure there, two teenagers, and one adorable little girl. And they were all so polite! One of my first comments upon entering the restaurant was "I think Alex O'Donnell would probably love this place."

The food was really good. I got the best cream cheese puffs I've ever had. The egg rolls weren't so amazing, but I sampled almost everyone else's meat and there was some good stuff!

Have any of you ever heard of bubble tea? I should really look it up online. None of us got any, but it was one of the featured items at this restaurant and they had just about ever flavor under the sun. Including one really weird and disgusting one we couldn't quite believe: Leeches.

I'm not a downtown person, and I'm not a cold person, but I do like food and friends so in the end it was a pretty fun night. :) Although trying new things like this isn't really part of my comfort zone, it is important as an author to do it occasionally and stash it away for future novels. So if you ever read one of my future published works and find a scene like this in it... you'll know where it came from!


Sarah R. said...

Bubble tea is good. I've had it a few time. If you ever get it go for the fruit flavored ones. And get boba, the little tapioca balls in your tea, they are so fun. Some people I've tried to recommend them to think it's weird, but I really like them oddly enough.

Cor Mariae said...

hehehe----that sounds exactly like a Chinese restaurant we went to not too long ago---except there were Several adorable little girls running around asking if we wanted water among other things. ;D it was so cute. =)

as a side note: I LOVE CHINESE FOOD. ;)