Monday, November 29, 2010

The Many Uses of a Pizza cutter

Pizza rotary cutters are pretty brilliant. I love using them -- whether it's to cut pizza, quesidillas, or sandwiches.

Today I also discovered that they are absolutely fantastic for cutting sandwich meat into strips. I cut the meat into tiny squares for things like scrambled eggs and Greek pizza. Normally I use a large chopping knife, but today I decided to give the pizza cutter a try. It worked like a charm -- and about three times as fast!

Now I'm thinking I could put this pizza cutter to use cutting some other things as well...

What handy ways do YOU employ a pizza cutter?

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Shaylynn said...

Great idea!

We use it for pancakes and waffles. In fact, in our family, they are known as PANCAKE cutters, not pizza cutters (even though we make and cut handmade pizza far more often than we eat pancakes).