Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This is Blog Post 1000

1000 blog posts.


Is that number hard to process? It certainly is for me.

I started this blog in 2008, right around the time that most everyone started getting a blog. I stuck with it and got some decent traffic and even some fans who found meeting me in person a pretty cool thing (I can't believe it either).

But 1000 posts. If each one averaged 350 words (and that's a low estimate) that would be 350,000 words, or a very long novel.

I've come in at just about 200 posts a year, although slightly less now that I'm also running Confessions of a Seamstress. That means I usually post about four times a week. Again, less since I've been running two blogs.

When I started this blog I was a very ill 18-year-old who had left college after 18 months due to health issues. These issues continued until fairly recently (and they still flare up), but they didn't stop me from making a feature-length film, nannying a family of four children for a year, nannying and tutoring a family of six children in Virginia for 3 months, writing a novel, administering a forum for Regina Doman, costuming a production of Beauty and the Beast, and starting work as a freelance costumer.

Now I'm a 24-year-old well on her way to real health. I have a job I love, and a book due to be published by Chesterton Press. I am dating a wonderful guy that I can't believe God brought into my life. I still have a lot of struggles as my health continues to require battling and I figure out just how to run my own business. But I'm in a good place.

Throughout this all, it's sometimes been hard to keep up with this blog, especially when I've been very ill. Still, the encouragement and support from you, my readers, has been a huge motivator in keeping me going. Thank you.

And all this has been chronicled in these 1000 posts. I wonder what the next 1000 will bring?


Stacy C said...

Congratulations! *Throws confetti!* You deserve a party! :D
Thank you for sticking with your blog for this long. I really enjoy your posts; it's one of the things I look forward to when I come on the internet. :)

Elenatintil said...

Thank you Stacy! Seriously. Sometimes I feel like I'm just talking into the emptiness... you have no idea how much I appreciate comments like yours! I'm glad you enjoy my blog posts and I hope to continue for a long time yet!

Allison said...

Wahoo!!!! Congrats- this is amazing! Good for you for keeping it up. I always look forward to reading your writing (and I can't wait to read that novel when it comes out!)

Elora said...

So happy for you! Wow, what a number! And what real blessings!!