Friday, March 14, 2014

Married Life, Food and Fantasy

Wow. I've been married almost two months. It's crazy. Being married to Nathan feels so natural and yet also so surreal.

I've been getting used to running my own home. I love it, but it's also a lot of work, which makes my life a little crazy when I'm trying to also run a sewing business and meet a book deadline. Thankfully meal planning has so far been pretty easy. I get the car one day a week and do all my shopping then. I try to test out a new recipe every week or two, so I can keep things interesting without loosing the regular old favorites. Last night my sister was home from college so she came and had supper with us. We decided to make our own spring rolls, which turned out surprisingly well! A bit pricey to get fresh herbs this time of year, but they do go a long way and are so good for us! Also, I was able to order the rice paper wraps off of Amazon so no extra shopping required.

(Nathan and I both posted photos of Spring Roll goodness on Instagram.)

I've also just joined a gym, which both takes up more time and encourages me to get up and get moving earlier in the day. Hopefully regularly working out will help me get on a shorter sleep schedule as well.

And then about that book deadline... I hope I'll have more permanent details to share with you soon! Meanwhile, if you haven't checked out "The Mermaid and the Unicorn" pinterest page recently, you might enjoy stopping by and inspecting my inspiration photos!

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