Thursday, March 27, 2014

OUAT, Rapunzel, DANGEROUS, and other things.

Ugh. You guys. A Migraine on top of a cold? How is that even fair? *sigh*

On the up side of things, it's going to get REALLY WARM this weekend. Like, almost 60 degrees. For the cold north this is beautiful. (This winter has been the worst in my lifetime in terms of low temperatures. March, however, has been relatively mild).

I didn't have time to write a full review for this week's episode of OUAT, but I didn't have as much to say either.

Okay, I have a mini rant. What was the point of putting in a girl with long hair named Rapunzel who otherwise has no relation to either the traditional fairy tale or even the Disney 'adaptation'? I mean... it was a side plot that didn't really add much to the story. They could have used it to expand some other existing character, or they could have told it using the actual Rapunzel tale... but no, they just threw a long-haired girl in there without giving us any of the things we love about the story (or the character from "Tangled"). Even Ariel was handled better than this.

The one really stellar part of the episode, however, was the dream sequence. Finally seeing Emma in a beautiful princess dress, dancing with her Daddy... wow. I can forgive the problems of the rest of the episode just for this scene, because it was fantastic.

Being sick also gave me plenty of time to read Shannon Hale's new superhero book, "Dangerous" which I greatly enjoyed. She did a good job of making the superhero genre work in novel format, and it was fun and thought-provoking to boot. Plus the science was really cool. And I'm not a science nerd at all, so when I say that, you'll know that it really is cool.

I've also been giving my husband sewing lessons, and he is proving to be a natural. Of course he's so creative and detail oriented that I'm not terribly surprised, even while I tremendously excited! Right now we're working on our cosplays for CONvergence, which I'll be writing about in more detail on the costume blog.

Speaking of writing... I owe my publisher a draft. Please pray that my headache will clear up quickly and I'll be clearheaded and able to write like the wind!!!

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