Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gilmore Girls News and Speculation

And the news about the Gilmore Girls revival continues! Read the linked article, then come back for some speculation. (But not if you haven't already finished the original run. Watch through Season 7 first!)

Not at all surprising that we won't be seeing Sookie - I highly doubt we'll see Dean either (whew!). It is a bit interesting that Logan will be back - it'll be fun to see him, but I have noticed a really solid trend of fans wanting Rory to ultimately end up with Jess. So how does Logan play into all of this? What brings him back to the Stars Hallow circle?

Now, what do we theorize the changes will be for each of the Gilmore women? I think it is fairly obvious that Emily will be adjusting to widowhood - there is almost no other way they could start the show and really honor the history than with the recent death of Richard.

Now Lorelai and Rory are harder to guess. I know fans are very much hoping to find Lorelai and Luke already married. It could be that them finally tying the knot is where the revival starts, although the long gap would be difficult to explain. If Luke and Lorelai HAVE been married for years, the big question is whether they had a kid right away, or whether that is something they're trying to achieve now. Even without modern medical advancements it's still not too late for Lorelai to have another child (and there were certainly plenty of hints in the original series that eventually Lorelai would have another child).

As for Rory... no idea. Could it be that she's had a successful career as a journalist and now she is moving back to Stars Hollow? Perhaps bringing a boy home and thinking about settling down? Or, a slightly different version of that would be coming home and feeling ready to settle down but not having met 'the one' yet.

I doubt that BOTH Rory and Lorelai's changes will be romantic/mommyhood related, even though those are the ideas that most readily come to mind for me.

I have no doubt that the revival will be good. I also seriously doubt that every fan will love it. Yes, it is a revival, but it's really a coda to the series, to give us the ending that Palladino meant to give us in the first place - the one we all made up in our heads. And therein lies the problem. Everyone has had 10 years to think up just how it should have ended and why. There's no way that the revival can incorporate all of these ideas - if it includes any at all. It has to balance honoring the original show and the fans with still being original and presenting a strong new story with characters that are ten years older. This is no easy feat.

There's hope, however, in the fact that we've seen this feat achieved before. The Veronica Mars movie did a pretty excellent job of hitting all the right notes. It's a similar set-up of timelines and returning stars, but Gilmore Girls is more about the relationships and I think that will make it slightly harder to deliver. Still, seeing other shows achieve it, even in different genres, is promising.

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