Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall and TV Shows. (Recommendations?)

It is unseasonably cold this year.

Now I'm not saying that Autumn doesn't have it's perks but - really? It's only September! I'm half expecting snow to come down in a week or too. It's depressing, that's what!

Having finished LOST and Doctor Who, I am now trying to find other TV shows to fill the gap.

So far I've investigated --

Merlin - pretty good!
Flashforwards - would have been an awesome substitute for LOST if it hadn't been canceled. Boo.
10 things I hate about you - um... purely for amusement. But I wouldn't recommend it.
Psych - SO FUNNY!
Parenthood - actually a sort of realistic portrayal of a three generational family all living in the same town. I like the premise and so far I've enjoyed the execution. Def. PG-13, however.

Any recommendations of what else I could try? I don't like things that are overly creepy or gory, and I've already enjoyed Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and Pushing Daisies. Also, you get bonus points if it is on HULU and CLOSE CAPTIONED. :)


Cuilpantiel said...

You should look into Star Trek...

-Maria (Rose)

Mary Bess said...

First off, girl, your first sentences were completely upsetting! Down here we're still sweltering under triple digit scorchers most days!

As for fun TV...I can't believe you aren't hooked on Castle yet! A writer (Nathan Fillion) teams up with a nypd murder detective to solve cases and stay close to her for inspiration...witty banter, Fillion playfulness, and great mysteries make for a show I think you'd really enjoy.

Wishin' our regions could trade some of their extreme temps, or maybe just split the difference for a lovely, temperate autumn.

Mirfain said...

If I lived somewhere where the temperature dipped below 85 before October, then I wouldn't be watching TV. I'd be outside! Lucky you. I don't have any suggestions-I'm more of a movie than a TV person.

Carpe Guitarrem said...

I NEED to check out Castle. Other than that...let's see...

I don't much check out network TV either. I've been seeing promos for this show called "The Event", but I know very little about it besides the fact that it premieres tonight (and will be on Hulu). It looks to be a conspiracy thriller with some sort of strange elements.

My personal pick is a show that'll be starting in January, I think, called The Cape. It's a show about a dad who becomes a superhero vigilante. It co-stars Summer Glau as an investigative blogger.

Elenatintil said...

The mention of Nathan Fillion got me to check out two episodes of "Castle" but I must say it didn't particularily appeal to me. I don't tend to like shows that are overly formulaic without having really unique premises and extremely memorable characters. Even then I really appreciate shows where there is an overarching storyline that progresses. I like dynamic characters. Maybe 2 episodes isn't enough to judge "Castle" but so far I can see myself getting bored with it fast.

Carpe - Ooooh, yes, I'm looking forwards to "The Cape" as well!

Liz B said...

I like watching NCIS and Glee (both of which start tonight.)
They're probably PG-13 rated though - some of them are kinda.... but most of them are PG rated, and appropriate. I like them for entertainment. :)

Kinsey said...

Not sure if you've seen it already, but Drop Dead Diva is a great show. The second season is on Hulu, but I'm not sure if it is CC. I haven't watched any of the recent episodes, but I really liked the first season. It is witty, well acted, and the characters and plots are usually memorable.

Hydra said...

"Human Target" on FOX is one of only two TV shows I watch. It's coming back for season 2 in October. Basically, a bodyguard named Christopher Chance (although that isn't his real name...) gets hired by people to protect them. His strategy is to make the hirers look vulnerable in order to draw out the killers - who usually end up dead. Anyway, his manager is hilarious, and his computer-geek/underworld contact is great.
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