Saturday, September 4, 2010

The awesomness of 21

I've decided that I love 21st birthday parties.

Last night one of my best friends turned 21, so we had a night of celebration. We started out with bowling, and turns out there is a cheap bowling alley not to far from where we live. I actually surprised myself and won one game. I think I need to bowl more often.

(We also passed time in between knocking down pins by assigning everyone their place on the Enterprise. I got the only girl - Uhura. Sweetness.)

Then we went over to the local Irish pub. I'd never been, although I'd wanted to and boy, was it ever amazing! The decor was beautiful - it looked exactly like you'd expect an Irish pub to, but it was very nice and elegant at the same time. They gave us our own little side room/alcove thing so we had a private setting and beautiful stained glass windows surrounding us. Our waiter was fantastic and funny, and the food was absolutely amaaaaazing. I got this bacon and cheese tart thing and it was so delicious! Also, those of us who were over 21 got beer, and I found a brand that I love. It's called Strongbow and it's so sweet, it's almost like Hard Cider (which up until now has been my favorite alcoholic drink).

Finally we wound up the evening with an impromptu RPG session, which involved lots of crazyness and S.H.I.E.L.D. invasions. I told my gamers that any romantic relationships developed in the game would gain them XP (cuz I'm a hopeless romantic) and that generated some very interesting results. Cliffhanger this week? First appearance of a Sentinel. Du du dummmmm!

I'm now heartily bummed that we all only turn 21 once. My own 21st parties (I got two) were amazing as well.

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Liz B said...

It's lucky you had two parties! I'm sure 21 is a great age to be. I just passed my 16th though.
There is always something new to look forward to though. :)