Monday, September 6, 2010

A Perfect Party Game... for actors.

Our group of friends has played around with different acting games for the past couple of years. We've used both "Freeze" and "Stand, sit, lay" but our favorite is by far the one we've commandeered and adapted for our own special use. It doesn't have a name yet, although perhaps we should call it the "Trio Game."

What happens is three actors are chosen to go on the "stage." The audience then picks a scenario, and a character for each actor. Sometimes they also will take some or all of the actors aside and give them a secret. Then the word "action" is called out and the actors improv the scenario until the audience calls the end - usually when they're dying laughing.

Examples of some Scenarios from our last party:

- A Vogue reporter, a frat boy and a washed out rock star at a snowed in airport in New Finland. (The rock star is actually a terrorist)

- A director, an assistant, and an understudy who is supposed to replace the recently dead star of the play.

- A principal, a mother and a daughter in the Principal's office. The daughter is trying to get expelled and the Principal is secretly in love with the mother.

- A psychiatric ward at a hospital. Only one person (the suicidal guy) knows where they actually are. The girl thinks the suicidal guy is actually Edward Cullen, and the little boy thinks he's in a Halo game.

- Three washouts from the army at a train station. One has command issues (tried to order around the sargents), one is an idiot, and one is homesick.

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Anonymous said...

That game sounds like it would be fun to do.