Thursday, September 9, 2010

Warts, Witches and Bugs

This month I got the first wart of my life. It was on my foot, and at first no one (even my nurse mother) could figure out what it was. It hurt a lot (especially in the morning) and finally I was able to get into the doctor this morning.

Turns out they don't necessarily have to freeze warts off anymore. My doctor said I had that option... or I could go the beetle juice option, which was painless. I'm a big fan of painless, so I opted for the beetle juice.

As I was leaving the clinic, I started thinking about warts and how we usually associate them with witches in fairy tales. Then I also realized that we also like to picture fairytale witches with lots of bugs and yes, beetles, in their magic potions.

Well now you know why! Those warty witches had to keep lots of beetles around to deal with the pain of their persistent warts!

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