Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Red and Black Party Frock

It's time to start another sewing project! I've had a beautiful length of deep crimson fake duponi that I've been hording since last Christmas. It's sort of an awkward size - not quit enough for a skirt or dress on it's own, so I knew I'd need to pair it with something. The question was, how?

The other night I got a brainstorm of an Indian-inspired design... and the project took off.

A close-up of the beads I'm going to use for embelishment.
Black satin, beads, crimson cording, black boning, crimson fabric.

Total cost of supplies? Around $20.00.

A rough sketch of the dress. The design at the top is the embellishmentI'm going to do along the edges of the red in cording and beads.
I have a longer torso than my dress form does, so I had to lengthen the curves with some spare fabric.

Draping the lining fabric.


Back. (Gap for lacing)

Time invested so far: 1 hr 17 mins


Eldra said...

That's going to be beautiful when it's complete!

Elarinya said...

I cannot wait to see this when it's done! It looks like it's going to be absolutely gorgeous!