Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Share a Book you Love (In the Internet Age)

What to do when you find a great new author/series and want to see more of the same ASAP? Well, helping the author raise their profile is a great way to help make that happen! For those not in the publishing world, it can be difficult to know what really makes the most difference, so I've put together a handy graphic to help out! Feel free to share - whether you are a passionate reader, or an author trying to grow your own brand. 

And a version sized better for Instagram


AnneMarie said...

This graphic is so cute! Thanks for putting this together-honestly, I never thought much about the importance of Amazon reviews until a few months ago, when I reviewed some books for another author, and he asked me to do Amazon reviews and then I came across an article that mentioned the importance of them. I'm really trying to make myself do them-it's not a hassle, it's just a matter of remembering and making the time to do it. But if I want to keep seeing good literature out there, I think it's worth making the small effort to jump on Amazon :)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...


I know, it is hard for me to remember as well. I started a bullet journal this week and I am going to use that to help me - I think trying to do one review a day is something I will try to do. (I can use the same review on Amazon and Goodreads, so that's useful).