Monday, August 1, 2016

My Official Author Photo

So! Ready for my official author photo reveal?

And it crops down really nicely too! (Always a good feature for Author photos)

It was really hard to choose just one photo! While I went with this one for now, I may use some of the others in later novels. 

Or on my sewing blog.

The photos were taken by my very good Anthony (whom some of you may remember as "Fish" from our film of SOTB). If you're in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend his photography services!

 I almost picked this one.

Most of my sounding board agreed that I looked the prettiest in this one. But the point of an author photo is to convey who you are as a writer - not as a glamour queen! And while I look really lovely in this one, it doesn't have the 'let me tell you a story' quality of the one I ultimately chose.

Now THIS is an iconic mystery author pose. So if I ever dare write a who-dunnit... 

We took the photos out on our three season porch which had lovely lighting. And window ledges to sit on!

At the time we did this, I was on a very late schedule. 8:25 was insanely early for me. COFFEE.

My sister almost always goes around with awesome curls. I never have the patience for curls, so I asked her to come be my stylist for this shoot. It was the best choice.

And here is Anthony! We've been friends for a long time and we love joking around, so it was pretty hard to look serious enough for the photos above! There are SO many outtakes. (Which I may be able to share at some point, but Anthony just got a new job so he is super busy right now and hasn't sent them over yet.)

I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to do this. I am working very hard to make everything about my book as professional as possible, and getting a really good author photo is part of the process. I love how they turned out!!!

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AnneMarie said...

I love your author photo!!!!! I also really love the second one. But all of these are amazing!! The ones with you in the rocking chair definitely need to go on your sewing blog at some point :)