Friday, March 14, 2008

The Silver Chair

An interesting and insightful article about C.S. Lewis's book The Silver Chair, written by one of my favorite modern authors, Regina Doman.

Don't worry, I'll be writing some things of my own soon! Besides finishing the P&P series, I've got some other literary things I want to tackle. Just want to share the fruits of my web browsing with you all!

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Ma'antikvah said...

I love the silver chair. When I was nine and first read the Chronicles of Narnia, I loved Lucy the best. She captured the wondering naivete and the bearing of injustice that I often felt as a child. Somewhere in my teens I realized that Lucy no longer was my favorite character. Jill Pole became very close to my heart. I think Regina Doman's article spoke many of the reasons that the Silver Chair is now my favorite of the series. I still feel like Jill, charged with a mission and not sure how I'm going to handle the journey, and really unsure what dark places I may be led to. And her own struggles with discipline and being blind to the signs because of a desire for comfort--I totally get this. And I am thankful that Aslan gives her another chance in spite of it all.