Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To Die in Jerusalem

Click here to read Christianity Today's interview of a young Israeli filmmaker who just finished making a documentry about two teenaged girls who died in a Jerusalem bombing- one was the bomber, the other was a victim.

The documentry, titled "To Die in Jerusalem" looks very interesting. Apparently it's available to buy online, but I have no idea whether it is close-captioned or not for hard-of-hearing folks like me. However, the Middle East situation is always important to stay in touch with, and I think this interview is worth reading, even if you can't get a copy of the documentry itself.


Josh said...

That looks like an amazing and important film to watch... if I see it I'll let you know.

Debby Willett said...

Actually, the movie ... "To Die in Jerusaelum" ... is available on Netflix. I just checked it. The only thing is, it's an extra $7.99 on top of the regular fee for Netflix.
I suppose one might subscribe for only one month, just to be able to watch this specific movie and then cancel the Netflix account!