Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ben Hur's Evil Twin

My first thought on this was..."Oh, so the moment Charles Heston is dead they remake one of his most famous roles?"

My second was- "Oh, they're going to be closer to the book...might not be too bad..."

My third, after reading the following quote was "Did you miss the whole point of the book?????"

New version will also downplay the religious aspects of the source material.
“We want to look at the spirituality within the piece rather than directly
relating it to a specific religion,” Wyler said. “It’s a very complex story.
It’s been 50 years since my father’s version, and we think we can bring
something new and contemporary to it in the same way that ‘Gladiator’ did for
that genre.”

Note to Mr. Wyler. Do some research on Lew Wallace. Find out what his purpose was in writing this story. Then do some heavy analyzing with the help of some qualified professors and theologians and figure out exactly what the messages of this story ARE!


Sorry. I doubt there will be many Heston fans tuning into this one.


Paul Xavier said...

*hunches over* Curse them...we hatesss them. Exactly what happens in Hollywood these days. Take the religion out and replace it with Spirituality. Not to mention they will probably throw a sex scene in the mix to keep it up with modern films. *rips hair out of head* NOOO!!!!

Elenatintil said...

Well...isn't there a rather *suspicious* scene in that garden...?

Paul Xavier said...

There was a romance scene with kissing. But Hollywood can no longer settle for just kissing any longer...

Elenatintil said...

Maybe I'm confused, but I thought there was a Garden devoted to some Greek God and it was implied that more than kissing went on there.

But I could be confusing that with another book. It's been a long time since I read Ben Hur.

Paul Xavier said...

Well, that wasn't in the film. It possibly was in the book. I've never read it though. lol