Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Narniaweb! Er....I mean...Barnesweb?

April Fool's day is my absolutely favorite day to check out Narniaweb....er...I mean Barnesweb, of course. (Although if you check the site after midnight tonight, you'll miss that joke). There are always tons of hilarious false news reports (only a year or two ago the Caspian/Susan one apparently was truer than we guessed! So you never know!) and this year the forum itself has been populated by several highly entertaining jokes by forum members.

My favorite thus far is the "Prince Caspian Script" for the scene "Sorcery and Sudden Vengrence" which combines all the controversial elements...twice...into one scene. Hilarious!


Delaney said...

April 1st is my favorite day to be on NarniaWeb too. Blueberry jam, indeed! *laughs*

Amanda said...

That is tooooo funny! Hair dye, bluberry jam... where do they come up with sutff like that? =)