Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Angel in the Waters

I would like to share a very sweet story with you.

Angel in the Waters is a picture book written by one of my favorite authors, Regina Doman. It tells the story of a baby growing in its mother's womb- along with an angel.

The story developed when one of Regina's sisters learned that children who talk at a very young age can sometimes remember what it was like in the womb. Another one of their sisters had just started talking at that time, and (yes indeed) she was young enough to have memories of being in her mother's womb. She told her older sister that "there was an angel in there with me." (not verbatim, I'm paraphrasing an interview).

Regina was inspired by this story to write Angel in the Waters, which is now available to read online. I would like to encourage you all to take ten minutes and read this beautiful and enchanting picture book- and perhaps order it for an expectant mother.

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