Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lucy's Red Dress Part One

This (above) is the dress that my younger sister is making for the Prince Caspian opening. Basically, I create the pattern and tell her what to do, and she does it. She's quite a talented seamstress for her age.
These are the fabrics we chose for the dress. The embroidered bodice fabric is a bit too golden- but it was the closest we could find at JoAnn's. The rust fabric is actually a suede, since we couldn't afford a velvet. The home dec was a good section for finding these.

We made the skirt fairly basic, the waist is fitted, not gathered. The bodice is separate from the skirt and we are faking the top with an old t-shirt to save time. Simple. Easy. Comfortable.

The underskirt is also faked- there is only a front panel that we attached to the sides of the four inch center hem.

Here we took a pattern from a dress my sister made last year and altered it slightly to make the bodice.

More coming soon!

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Mamselle Duroc said...

It's looking lovely! That embroidered fabric may not be an exact replica, but it's gorgeous nevertheless.