Saturday, May 3, 2008

A request for prayer...

I am currently examining the possibility of beginning a new novel. It's a historical story that I feel very strongly about- but I'm not certain that this is the time to begin it.

If I do undertake it, I want to truly write it in the will of God. I feel that it is a difficult story to do, because it is about people who dealt with quite a bit of sin and bad choices in their lives. It's really a story about the consequences of selfish actions- and the recognition of that. And finally, it weaves the story of the writing of a great classic into the other threads.

The heroine, at the peak of the story, is my age, which is why I feel this is a good time to begin it. But because some of the subject matter is dark, I want to make sure that the timing is right.

So, if you have a few minutes, would you mind praying for me that God would give me clear direction? First, if I should go ahead and begin it, and secondly, if I do, that he would guide me in the writing?


Clare said...

You certainly have my prayers! I too have been contemplating the possibility of a book, though non-fiction, and I can understand the way things start to change when you're thinking of writing a 'serious' book.

Josh said...

You've got it!