Sunday, May 11, 2008

A New Fellowship...for the purpose of exercise...

Currently my Numenorean alter-ego is arranging a new adventure at Rivendell, which you can read about on the new Fairy Tale Forum Fellowship blog.

I'm not going to repost all the links here, as they are in the blog's introductory post, but, in short, we are going to track the miles of exercise we do over the next few months and *track* our way from Rivendell to Lothlorian. We will be posting on the FT Fellowship blog in our various personalities. I, for instance, am Elenatintil (she who shines like the stars) a young woman of Numenorean descent (the same as Aragorn).

All credit to this venture goes to Mamselle Duroc, a lovely young lady who is a regular visitor at the Fairy Tale forum and a reader of this blog. I would highly recommend reading her own regular blog, Romance and the Roses, as well as her "in character" blog for her own personal "Walk to Rivendell."

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