Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coming soon...New Moon?

So am I the only person who is slightly worried by the fact that New Moon is due to be released this November?

Because, honestly, unless someone already had a script ready before Twilight was released, that gives them one year. One. Year. One year to write a script, cast a bunch of new actors, scout locations, film in Washington, AND film in Italy, get the whole thing edited with many more complicated effects shots than round one, publicize the whole thing, compose a score, and get the whole thing printed and shipped to the right theatres!

Is there any record of this being done before? No wonder Catherine Hardwicke turned the offer down! I would too! No, I'd probably drop my jaw, stare at the studio executives and say "Are. You. CRAZY?"

And if I were Stephanie Meyer I would throw a hissy fit. Because I would have absolutely no confidence that anyone could get any sort of film- much less an effects heavy fantasy one done in any sort of halfway decent manner in a year.

Most scripts take at least a few months to write. At least. Even if they have half a dozen writers working on it. And I pity those writers.

What's more disturbing is that it is March already and we haven't heard of any casting being confirmed for the new characters, although there are definetely rumors.

But even if they can get the whole thing filmed between now and say...July...I don't know how they can get the film edited in four months. Not with the werewolf special effects they have to do.

I don't know. I'm just shaking my head here. Twilight was an okay film, but it wasn't amazing, and I was hoping for a step-up on New Moon when they would have a higher budget. With such constraining time limits I'm really afraid that this next installment is going to be a step down.

What do you think? Should we keep staring at that '09 and keep hoping that it will change to a '10?


Bowman the Black said...

Yes, it's possible. Yes, it's been done. However, it's only been done on rare occasions where everyone knew what they were doing, got along famously, and didn't have any unreasonable delays. I doubt that's what will happen here.

I'm going to predict some prima dona, scheduling, filming, and budgetary problems. I'm also betting this will get pushed back by at least five months. That's a bare minimum; it'll probably run to seven.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm anti-Twilight, :), so...
LOTR rules everything. :)
So are you a Christian?

Elenatintil said...

Matt- Yeah, we'll see how it goes. This is going to be quite a differant production than Twilight. Not so independant, better financing I'm sure, etc. Plus all the big stars are practically begging to be in it. Should be interesting to watch.

Earwen: Oh yes, I'm a Christain. The Chesterson quote on the sidebar doesn't make that obvious?

Bowman the Black said...

She might not know about the Chesterton connection, Elizabeth.

Earwen, I'd categorize Elenatintil and I both as what Chesterton called himself: "orthodox Christians."

MJ said...

I've yet to see the Twilight movie but I can't see them getting New Moon done by November. I haven't heard anything about filming, I think it should be delayed till Fall 2010.