Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little More on the New Moon Front

So I was doing some browsing last night and I discovered a couple more tidbits about the upcoming film adaptation of New Moon.

#1 - The script was actually written before Twilight even came out in theatres. This is a major piece and it boosts my confidence in the chances of the filmmakers making the November release date.


#2 - apparently shooting is not starting until nearly the end of March. This, of course, lowers my expectations back down again.

The main problem with being able to film New Moon quickly is that everything is seen from Bella's perspective, meaning that there is little that can be filmed without Kristen Stewart. Why is this a problem?

Most films have two filming units. This means, of course, that they can film twice as fast. With LOTR they had enough story lines (and limited enough time) that they were using four or five units at one point.

But they can't do that with Twilight because apart from maybe some aerial shots, exterior location shots and stunt routines, they're going to need Kristen for every single scene.

So. We'll see what happens.

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