Thursday, November 5, 2009

NaNo Story - Common Denomination Misconceptions

This is specifically towards those of you who are Catholics, although the questions could be reversed for those who are Protestant.

In my NaNo novel I'm dealing with the interaction of a Protestant Girl and a Catholic Family. Now I've had a lot of interaction with Catholics myself, but I want to make sure that I'm getting a wide scope here. So if you could take a few minutes to answer these questions for the sake of the book, that would be awesome.

Just as a warning - by answering this question, you are giving me permission to use your answer or question in my novel. If I do so, I will put your name in the awknowledgements.

As a Catholic, what do you think is the most common misconception Protestants have about you? How would you answer it?

Also as a Catholic, what misconceptions have you had, or questions do you still have about Protestantism?


Minni-Mo said...

I'll think on these and get back with you! I want to give you thought out answers rather than just sporadic unhelpful answers =)

Minni-Mo said...

Alrighty, here is my answer:
One of the most common misconceptions is: Catholics worship Mary.
The answer: Catholics venerate Mary, not worship her. We believe that if we pray to her, Mary will intercede for us. She is our mother and all children go to their mothers for help.
Here are some websites with more in depth answers:

I'll have to think a little more about the 2nd question.

If you need more info about the Catholic Church the Vatican website is really awesome to look at:

Hope this helps!

Jeannine Kinsey said...

The first thing that come to mind are: misconceptions about "praying" to Our Lady and the Saints. We never, ever, put them on the same level as God. They are our special friends, and we frequently ask them to help us come closer to God, not because we cannot ask God ourselves, but because they have a special relationship with God, having worked and suffered their whole life in a heroic manner for the sake of God alone. That makes them powerful intercessors - Our Lady most of all, since she is Christ's beloved mother. A devotion to Our Lady never leads to worship of Our Lady, only worship of God, for she who was full of grace (and therefore full of true humility and knowledge of self) would never take credit for the work that is all God's.

I have many questions about Protestantism, but I'll have to get back to you later on that.

Good luck on your book! Mine is coming along at a snail's pace, but during my writing sessions (few and far between) I find that writing without worrying about anything really works. It is also a wonderful exercise that helps in more areas than writing.

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

Question 1
The first on is i think that Protestants have the misconception that we worship Statues. Rather that statues are to remind us to ask these people to intercede for us.

question 2
yeah why do you guys have juice instead of wine? And why to most protestant churches have Communion once a month?

hope this helps

Carpe Guitarrem said...

I'll be back with my own input. :D Yeah, you know I'd be around with my input on the issue, not that we haven't had some discussion on this matter before.

Rose Marchen said...

I'll think on these and try to get back to you soon Elena!

Victoria Rose said...

I'll email you my response, because I think mine will be a little long. ;)