Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tomorrow is the "March for Life"

Tomorrow, Friday, January 22nd, is the annual "March for Life."

Every year thousands of people march in Washington D.C. to show their support for the pro-life movement.

This year I will be able to go.

Why am I going? Why am I taking the time out of my life to do this?

As a Christain I have always been committed to the pro-life movement. As I've grown older it has been brought home to me in increasingly real ways.

When I read Regina Doman's "Black as Night" I was struck deeply by a scene at the end of the book. /SPOILER ALERT/

Blanche Brier (Snow White) is lying in a coma. Her beloved, Bear, watches her, and knows that she might never wake again. He has spent the book trying to decide whether or not to take his relationship with her to the next level, but it is only now, (when they are possibly sundered forever) that he realizes how much he cares for her. And he thinks...

He knew then that even if she never woke up from the coma, that he loved her, and that the years would find him sitting by her side, even if she never knew that he was there.
~Black as Night, pg 274

When I read that, I really made the connection between the debate about what should happen to those in a vegetative state. Blanche had become like a friend to me. So had Bear. I loved them. The thought that anyone could even dream of taking Blanche off life support when she was still breathing was absolutely horrible to me.

This whole scenario is repeated, even more poigently, in the third book of the series, "Waking Rose." Blanche's sister Rose also falls into a coma, and is in a comatose state for nearly six months. Yet once again her family, friends and beloved wait, and pray, and hope... and to find out what happens, I'm afraid you must read the book.


This fall things went beyond book connections when I discovered that one of my best friends had been a tubular pregnancy. This put his mother in great danger, and the doctors were advising an immediate abortion.

But my friend's parents were Christains and obviously would not go with this. My friend's father prayed over his wife and unborn child... and a miracle happened. The pains stopped and the pregnancy proceeded normally. Today my friend is one of the kindest, sweetest, most honorable person I know. He has been a huge blessing in my life and those of many others. And yet modern medicine wanted to kill him.

I also have a 90+ year old great-grandmother suffering with severe dementia. She lives in a nursing home and needs constant assistance. And yet she blesses us all in so many ways even though she no longer remembers who we are. Yet there are people who would say she was a financial burden on society and recommend the termination of her life.
I believe every life is precious.

Do you believe everyone, even unborn babies and the old and mentally infirm have the right to life?

Then help us raise awareness! Even if you cannot join the march yourself, you can still blog about it, or post about it on your Facebook, twitter or myspace!

Every little bit helps. Who knows, you could save a life!


Janet said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with people who are such a blessing, though deemed "unworthy" of life by some. The vignette of your friend who was a tubular pregnancy brought tears to my husband and me.

I am a member of the Fairy Tale Forum, and appreciate refreshing myself now and then with the wholesome imagination and youthful energy among the members.

I also want to commend you and all involved in producing the "Ink and Fairydust" e-zine. Some quality writing, interesting articles, and lovely graphics. Keep up the great work!


Sally Hanan/Inksnatcher said...

I love your heart for life.

Ivy said...

That is a beautiful story of your friend, Elena! And I also had that same experience with reading BaN and WR. It really struck me after hearing the speaker at our church's pro-life rally on Sunday doing his talk which was on brain death. It reminded me very much of both those scenarios, and it is so true that even though a person may not seem to be there, they ARE there and therefore worthy of life and love and respect.

Lovely post!

Minni-Mo said...

Prayers going out to you and all those on the March for Life!

Katerina said...

That was a beautiful post Elena :)