Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shhhh... I like Eclipse.

It's no secret that I enjoy Twilight (for reasons, please see my reviews in the book review section on the sidebar). I was very disappointed in the first movie... and quite delighted with the second.

The third?

Loved it. It was definitely the strongest installment yet, and had plenty of cool action, more Cullen screen time, and way more Jasper than I had dared hope for. You may not be sold on Twilight, but if your friends want to see Eclipse, this is the one to see. There's decent plot, and Rob Pattinson actually is allowed to act in this one, which makes Edward much more pleasant to watch. And Kristen Stewart, though I may not love her, is becoming better as well - not to mention prettier by the day (it seems).

The action is done very well, and the whole Seattle portions of the film are worked in very nicely. This was a really good adaptation from book to film, and seemed to do everything right and very few things wrong. I can't wait to for it to come out on DVD so I can see it with close captions... and actually, this one I wouldn't mind seeing again on the big screen... perhaps when it hits the cheap theaters?

(For the record, we went to a matinée showing, so only had to fork over $5 for tickets.)

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