Sunday, July 11, 2010

The wonders of sunsets and lightning storms

We saw the most amazing sunset tonight.

I was over at a friends house, hanging with two particular filmmakers who have been off busy on a little project called Lambent Fuse (it's due to go to Sundance!). We were talking over random things (like Doctor Who) when suddenly the 9 year old resident of the house came dashing downstairs announcing that there was an amazing sunset outside and we had to go see it.

We took one glance out the window, saw a hint of the glory, and the guys tore upstairs. I followed at a some what more leisurely pace. When we got outside, one of my friends was already halfway up the driveway, running as fast as I've ever seen him go - camera in hand. A second late my other friend flew out the door, also carrying his camera. I just about died laughing. Away they went, to capture the majesty before it disappeared forever.

I followed, laughing merrily, and (for some reason I can't quite explain) quoting the jabberwocky. (Don't ask where that came from. I already told you I couldn't explain it.)

When I got to the top of the driveway, I could at last fully see the sunset... and it was phenomenal. Words cannot describe how amazing it was. It was pink and purple and gold and bright and shining through rain... I have never seen a sunset like that. Ever. It truly was a bit of heaven on earth.

And if that was not enough, the sky treated me to a majestic show of a lightning storm on the drive home. A wondrous night indeed! I wish you all could have seen it...

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Maggie said...

Oh my goodness, when I went to Oklahoma this summer for church camp I saw the most beautiful sunset ever! A picture could not capture it's beauty no matter how you edited it or what angle you took it from. God was deffinatly creative that night with His paintbrush. :-)