Sunday, August 15, 2010

It was a hot and stormy summer.

We all have years and seasons with unusual weather. Last winter for me it was two feet of snow in Virginia. This summer it is unusually hot and stormy weather in the midwest.

Yesterday I drove out into the country with a friend to attend a wedding. It was one of those events in a little country church that was beautiful but stiffling. So though we were more than happy to endure the heat for the sake of our friend, we were quite glad when we were able to escape outside to the rapidly cooling air and clouding sky.

Then, however, we got worried that we'd be driving home through a storm. We had over an hour and a half of driving ahead of us, and the midwest has been pelted with incredibly fierce thunderstorms and a high incidence of tornados. So the possibility that we'd get caught in nasty weather was quite high.

The midwest is quite flat, which means you can see for miles and miles in every direction. It also means when you're driving you can see the weather for miles around as well. Last night we were witnesses to a fantastic patchwork of sun and clouds, rain and mist, wind and calm. Our path home led us just around the edge of all the storm clusters, so apart from some rain, we didn't have to go through anything terrible.

When we were about ten minutes from home we suddenly saw a reward for all of our worries. Directly ahead of us was the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow either of us had ever seen. Every color was represented there, and it spanned the sky in a full arc. On one side there was even a strong glimmer of a second rainbow!

Rainbows are rare, and magnificent ones like we saw even rarer. Which I'm glad of, because it is so easy to become immune to the beauties we see every day. So when God sends us the gift of a sight like a rainbow, we can (or should!) truly enjoy it for the miracle it is.

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