Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pink Austen Dress - Part 1

It is high time I did another design diary! This time I would like to invite you along to watch the creation of a Jane Austen style dress... from pattern drafting to the finished product. Ready? Let's go!

I didn't draw a picture for this gown, it's all in my head! So the first image I have to show you is of the bodice lining. It is a rectangle, on which I've added darts to fit it to my dress form (adjusted to US size 6).
This lovely pink organza is going to be the overgown!
The lining was gaping at the neckline, so I added two small darts to draw it in.
The organza has a nice ripple to it, so I don't have to dart it! All I did was make sure it was as wide as the widest point of the bust, and then tucked it in slightly to the neck and waist.
Isn't it fitting nicely?
Time to add a bit of neck trim! The sides of the neckline here are going to go right into the sleeves, so I have to sew the trim on before I start sewing in the sleeves. This ribbon and bead trim is a bit of Christmas ribbon I picked up at JoAnn's when all of their Christmas ribbons were on sale. (I think this was probably 60% off)
Cutting out the back lining, where the process will be repeated...

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