Friday, August 12, 2011

Cyberthieves, Contrition, and shiny things called AWARDS

News Flash!

Alex O'Donnell and the 40 Cyberthieves by Regina Doman and Rachel's Contrition by Michelle Buckman BOTH won awards from the Catholic Writers Guild!!!

This is majorly exciting to me for several reasons!

First off, as a friend, because Regina Doman is a very dear friend of mine and not only did she write Alex, but she also was the editor for Rachel's Contrition. So congratulations, Regina!

Secondly as a reader. I absolutely loved both of these books! In fact when I first read Rachel's Contrition (and since I was living in Regina's house at the time, I got to pre-read it), I said "this is absolutely going to win awards, it's that amazing."

Thirdly I've sort of got a personal stake in Alex since a) Regina graciously allowed me to be part of the group that gave editorial feedback, and b) because I went out to her home for three months to nanny and tutor her children so that she'd have time to finish it. I knew it was going to be good and I wanted to read it!!! Well, obviously I was right... ;)

Fourthly, I know this this has to be a particularly special honor for Michelle Buckman. She's a Catholic writer who has been working in mainstream Christian fiction for many years. She was excited to learn about Sophia Institute Press and have a chance to publish Catholic fiction. So winning this award is sort of a validation for her for giving up the bigger presses and going with this tiny new press to follow where God was leading her.

Fifthly, if you read the article closely, you'll notice they quote my friend Ellen from her review of Alex in... guess what? INK AND FAIRYDUST!!! Yep, that's currently the first review on the Alex website, so the CWG pulled it for this news release. That's a pretty awesome plug for I&F, especially since the Summer Issue just came out!

So anyhow, this calls for tons of confetti!

Congratulations to Regina Doman and Michelle Buckman!

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Victoria said...

How exciting! And how interesting that you got to give editorial feedback for Mrs. Doman's book. That's cool. :)

I've posted my (not as funny) version of your 12 characters thing. Here's the link, if you want to check it out: