Saturday, December 24, 2011

On this the eve of our Savior's birth...

Two thousand years ago a young girl, nine months pregnant, was told there was no room for her to lay her head. Her husband, a young carpenter, searched out the only shelter available for them... a dark, dirty stable cave. Their child, God incarnate, was born not to the anxious audience of a court, or even the loving circle of a family, but rather under the dark quiet eyes of the animals of Bethlehem. What humbler entrance to the world could there be for the Prince of Peace?

Now every year humanity gathers in an attempt to make up for this shunning of our savior at his birth. We'll never achieve it fully, for we are always distracted by presents and food and our own selfish vanity... but the grace of God is that he loves and desires us always, no matter how imperfect our love for him might be in return.

May the love of God surround you and may you feel his presence tonight, no matter how you are celebrating.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Elena :)