Monday, December 26, 2011

The Twelve Days, Broomball and Doctor Who

It's always strange when Christmas ends, isn't it? So much hype and then... over. I much prefer to embrace the twelve days tradition and spread out the festivities. With New Years, a dance night and a bridal shower planned, it's not hard to continue on in the festive spirit.

I am, however, perfectly glad to give up all the sugary sweets because they make me feel absolutely miserable. If any of you see me sneaking any chocolates or such things, do come up and slap my hand away, won't you?

Overall Christmas was extremely lovely this year. We had a good time with family, lovely music, and some really heartfelt presents. After supper us young adults, my mother and grandfather went out to the pond where we proceeded to build a bonfire and play broomball in the dark. It was absolutely splendid. I haven't been able to play a physical game like that for a long time, so it was wonderful to be well enough to do that yesterday and to spend the time with my cousins.

Then my sister and I settled down to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special which, while not quite as wonderful as last years, was nonetheless extremely good. There was more humor and quirkiness than last year, and a happy ending which I always felt was rather lacking in RTD's years.

And on a spiritual front, I've been reading and pondering Lauren F. Winner's "Mudhouse Sabbath" which is a fantastic book that I hope to blog about at some point in the near future.

I hope that you and yours had an absolutely lovely Christmas. :)

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