Friday, December 30, 2011

Fighting off a Migraine with Doctor Who Special Features

It may seem strange but it was actually pretty comforting. I curled up in bed after taking my asprin and put on my brand new copy of Doctor Who Series 3. The lovely thing about the BBC is that they subtitle just about all of their special features on DVDs. Americans don't tend to do that so for most movies I have to ignore the special features. However with Doctor Who it really is worth getting all the extras. Series 3 has a very lovely long feature (actually broken up over four disks) that actually are David Tennant's video diaries from the series.

Most fans know Doctor Who Confidential as their backdoor into the series, but honestly I found the clips edited for the DVD release to be quite unsatisfying. The video diaries, however, were a delightful, hilarious and very personal look into the filming of the show and I vastly enjoyed them. Even with a migraine.

It's also pretty fun to see all the actors out of character. Surprisingly I found that Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) reminds me a ton of Sharayah Bunce, who played Rose Brier in my film "The Shadow of the Bear." Also fun to see was the appearance of Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith) in the segment on the Doctor Who "Weakest Link." I've always loved the character of Mickey and it was fun to see how hilarious he is in real life.

Plus, of course, it's no secret that I adore David Tennant and it was brilliant to see his lovely self hosting the thing. So anyhow, this is a fun special feature that all DW fans should take the opportunity to watch.

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Cor Mariae said...

I love the video diaries David Tennant has done---they are all very funny and quite enjoyable. =D