Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writing Retreat Weekend!

It just so happens that I'm heading out of town with a couple of friends for our own writing retreat... on the weekend of Jane Austen's birthday... to write a book about Jane Austen.

No, this was not planned. The dates just happened to align this way.

So anyhow I packed up a ton of books on writing and Jane Austen and then a novel or two and a book on drawing. Possibly overkill, but just looking at the books inspires me. I'm also bringing along my favorite writing movies. By which I mean:

Sense and Sensibility (the new BBC)
Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Bright Star
Miss Potter
Becoming Jane

I can never watch these movies without feeling in a writing mood. I figure if I get writer's block, I can just pop one in and get those juices flowing.

I should have internet access so I do hope to write a few blog posts about the experience. Should be pretty fun! I'm hoping to really get some serious work done on my sequel and also get the final edits into the first novel, because they've been sitting around for a YEAR waiting to get finished.

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