Saturday, June 16, 2012

Marvel's Disabled Superhero

I'm deaf. So yes, once I was a little girl who didn't want to wear her hearing aids because they itched, or sounded funny, or (in the really old days) had long cords that went down to a box I had to wear on a belt around my waist. Yeah, try playing in the sandbox with that on.

There are still little deaf kids who don't want to wear hearing aids, but this little boy has a pretty interesting reason... he doesn't want to wear hearing aids because superheros don't!

Well that's not a really practical reason to put family and friends though a lot of difficulty, but thankfully, Marvel Comics was more than happy to answer this poor mom's plea for help.

I think they are the real superheros. And as someone who is part of the disabled community, it means so much to me to see a company whose work I really enjoy and admire, reaching out to us. But maybe it's not so surprising after all. They're the ones who created the X-Men, a group of people who face discrimination and misunderstanding because of physical changes in their bodies that make them different (and often look different) from the rest of the world. And yet despite that, they still go on saving those in need. Which is why they're my heroes. It means so much to see Marvel practicing the message they've shared for so long.

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