Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Tale of the Cat Food and the Raccoon Thief

So ever since we became a dog-less farm, we've had a lot more rodents messing around with our animal feed. Usually they don't get into the bins if the covers are on right, but this spring a really clever racoon or something managed to get the cover off.

Every. Single. Night.

Now cat food is not the most expensive food in the world, but it sure adds up and we're not in the business of fattening up 'coons. So we tried different things like using wire to hold down the lid, but nothing really worked.

Then my father and I had simultaneously (but separately) the brainstorm of stringing the feed bucket up from the barn rafters on a pulley. We set up the system on Saturday, and it's now Wednesday and the food remains safe.

Plus it's really fun to hoist and lower the bucket from the rope. So win-win!

Sorry Mr. Coon. You're going to have to find somewhere else to make your dinner reservations.

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Grace K. said...

Goodness! Coons can be such a problem...sounds like you and your dad are much smarter than the pesks. :)

Psss, nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Details on my blog. :)