Monday, May 5, 2014

OUAT visits trouble, not Kansas

Welp, we're on episode 3.20. Just two episodes left in the season - "Snow Drifts" and "There's No Place Like Home."

Spoilers for "Kansas" to follow.

OUAT can seem a simple show - until the last five minutes of an episode. "Kansas" was no exception. While most of the episode was pretty predictable, we got some major twists at the end.

#1. Gold Proposed to Belle.


#2. Gold Killed Zelena.

What. He lied to Belle? Right after that inspiring speech? MAN.

#3. Zelena turns to ceramic then goes all ghosty and so does her pendant and something opens in the barn.

So... was the spell activated? Why? Did Gold really kill Zelena and did she have some sort of back-up mechanism? Was he acting under his own power or was this a further ploy of Zelena's in case her plan didn't work and she got captured?

Too many possibilities.

Until next week we can spend our time wondering the following:

#1. Is the promised "Splashy Wedding" actually Belle and Rumple's and will it go off without too many hitches, or leave them married but estranged?

#2. If the wedding ISN'T theirs, is it Regina/Robin Hood or Emma/Hook?

#3. What the heck are Charming and Snow going to name their baby? (My vote is on "Leopold" or "Neal.")

Meanwhile we can go back and remember the awesome in this episode.

#1. Robin Hood continuing to translate perfectly to a 21st Century Redneck.

#2. Rumple and Belle's perfect (at the time) proposal

#3. Regina, finally, becoming a real hero.

We won't talk about how Glinda, supposed to represent wisdom, is actually pretty stupid, and Dorothy has the ugliest dress ever on the show.

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