Friday, May 16, 2014


Tomorrow marks the fourth month since Nathan and I got married. Hard to believe it's been that long! Well, my subconscious thinks so, anyways.

I'm a very prolific and vivid dreamer. I dream a lot, I dream intense, and I dream in color. Since getting married my main reoccuring dream has been that I'm still living at my parents house, and then at the end of the dream I'll realize "hey, I'm married, I can go stay with Nathan! Probably should go stay with Nathan..."

Or I'm trying to get ahold of Nathan and ask him to come pick me up from my parents house and he's impossible to reach. Which is funny because he's actually pretty good about responding to me.

For the first couple of months my brain wouldn't even register that we were married, and all of the dreams were in a setting where we were still just dating. Now it seems to have gotten the "married" part down, but not the "new living quarters". Let me tell you, waking up in the morning is pretty disorienting.

On the one hand it's amusing, on the other hand it's a bit distressing. I'd like not to spend each morning waking up with a panicked feeling that I'm not married to Nathan and still living with my parents!

(Disclaimer. My parents are wonderful. But with my mother and I being both stubborn, independent minded women we do not make good housemates.)


Matthew Bowman said...

If I were married to the woman of my dreams, and yet said wife were not actually IN my dreams, I too would be disoriented. It doesn't matter how much I love my family -- if I thought for one second that the marriage was a figment of my imagination, I'd panic too!

But at the same time, I think it's a little romantic. After all, you have a moment each day where you get to rediscover, all over again, not only how wonderful it is to be married to your greatest love but also remember WHY it is wonderful. :)

Elora Shore said...

Good grief! That's a laugh, but at the same, time, that really must be so disorienting!