Monday, May 26, 2014

Lazy Summer Writing

My husband and I celebrated this beautiful Memorial Day by going down to the nearest lake, sitting on the grass under some trees, and tag-team writing. We both would write a couple paragraphs, then switch notebooks. Two pretty cool stories are emerging out of this. We didn't finish them - not by a long shot! But have set up the basis for some good future date nights.

I also got this photo. It was cool even before I put the instagram filter on it, but with the filter I think it's my favorite picture I've taken in a long time. An epic photo for my epic husband!

Anyhow. Back to work tomorrow. Industriousness means more blog posts.... hopefully!

1 comment:

Elora Shore said...

That's a great idea! Can't wait to hear more. And you're right, that IS a great shot!