Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gilmore Girls - imagining what happens next.

It's that time of year when the TV shows have all finished their spring seasons and the watching options dry up. I'm looking forwards to getting more "Switched at Birth" in a week, but otherwise the summer looks pretty dry until Doctor Who and Downton Abbey start up again.

I've been filling the gaps by rewatching "Gilmore Girls." Man. I love that show. I first encountered it in 2008 after I came home from college sick and needed something to fill my time. I was lucky in that I didn't have to wait between seasons at all, since it had just finished up. However there's a sadness in knowing that the show was finite - it wasn't going to continue.

Still... it had a pretty good ending. (SPOILER ALERT).

One love story open-ended, as it should be. For a show about strong women, it wouldn't have been right for Rory to get engaged/married right after college. She needed to be a journelist, which was what the show had built towards since day #1. It also keeps the Jess shipper fans (like my sister) from dying of depression, as they can hope that Rory ends up with him in the future. On the other hand, the Logan shipper fans can likewise imagine that their ship rekindles somewhere down the road.

What else can we imagine?

 What's really fun is that Rory's candidate to follow turned out to be THE candidate of the 2008 election. Who knows what she is up to nowadays, since she was on speaking terms with the President before he even won the Democratic ticket?

As for Lorelai and Luke... we all know they'll end up together. I imagine them taking the boat trip he had originally planned with April. Not eloping though, because Lorelai learned her lesson with Christopher and would want at least Rory to be present. But they'll get married, and probably have two kids. They'll never move out of Lorelai's house, but they'll keep building on to it, with crazy clashes with Taylor over building ordinances. April will love her new little siblings and visit regularily and enjoy the chance to bond again with Lorelai.

And Paris will become a successful doctor (and eventually marry Doyle), and Lane will support Zach as a musician and jam with him on her drums when the twins get older, and Sookie and Jackson will stop at #3 but this time from mutual agreement. Kirk and Lulu will get married and have one child and Kirk will be a quirky but actually very good father. Liz and TJ will go a bit baby crazy and have like three or four more kids and it'll be bedlam but somehow work.

Personally I think Rory won't get married for several years. I think she'll meet some smart, sharp guy, perhaps in Washington, perhaps a single father, and they'll fall in love and get married, but it won't be until she's about 30 (which would be about now). She'll keep reporting, feeling the growing pains of the industry as it transfers more and more to the internet. She'll blog, and it'll gain a rep for well-written accurate pieces and eventually she'll go full-time with it, doing guest pieces for the New York Times and other high profile newspapers.

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