Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That time I wrote my first book

 The other day I was in the process of sorting out the boxes of stuff from my parents house and I came across this gem:


As far as I remember, this was a homeschool group project done when I was six years old. Each child had a blank white book and every week we had a new assignment to fill out in it.

But of course.

I have no idea why Tuesday was my favorite day, but I'll still consider February 20th my favorite time of the year (BIRTHDAY) and Esther remains a favorite Biblical character.

Typed by parents, obviously, but definitely my own words. The last line just cracks me up!

Looks like I had a good grasp of observation and description. My parents probably prompted me some, of course!

Totally not plagiarized from Doctor Doolittle. *cough*

Note all of the fabric used in this textures project!

Best part of all! ;)

Many thanks to my parents and whoever ran that class for getting me started as a writer. And teaching me to save everything important. It's not my fault I have so much stuff, I swear! (well... maybe a little...)

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

If you homeschool yours, and want a printed version of the project, how about doing like this:

1) number page pairs as follows:

8 - 1
2 - 7
6 - 3
4 - 5

16 - 9
10 - 15
14 - 11
12 - 13


2) Let each pupil who contributes fill in after pagination order, not as the pages come in the cahier/notebook.

Wait till a good completion has occurred.

3) Copy page pairs on copy machines so that eventually 8/1 (16/9) is top to top with 4/5 (12/13) and so that 2/7 (10/15) is top to top with 6/3 (14/11). Then make from these two sheets (per final print sheet) double sided copies so that 8/1 is back to back with 2/7 (which means 8 is back to back with 7, as should be, and 2 back to back with 1, as should be). As many of these as you wish for copies of the book.

4) Fold each print sheet over so that 2/7 is front to front with 6/3 (which will mean that 2 faces 3 and 6 faces 7 as you open there, as should be). Then fold again so that the 4/5 page pair gets a fold in the middle.

5) Collect for each copy all the print sheets, folded, and use your best talents as a bookbinder (or pay a professional) to make a book out of them.